The date is July 28th.

I'm seated on a comfortable couch, doing the final work on the overhaul for this website.

Looking back on the old page, I wanted to write something that was... somehow more pleasing.

My original goal wasn't to make it visually pleasing, but pleasing to work with.

Now, I can't just build a website without making it look moderately good.

You see, I have standards.

I want to make this a hub for people who are interested in what I do.

It took a couple of weeks, but I believe that all of this work is worth it.

With a brand new static site generator and squeaky clean templating engine under the hood, working on this site will be way easier than before.

On top of that, this added blogging capability will make writing documents up easier, too.

The source code to this very webpage is available on GitHub, along with every other project I've ever made. The most notable ones are available on a handy list.

Next, I'd like to thank Gregory Karastergios for setting up the original website.

Working with Docpad has been great, since it resolved a lot of issues caused by my laziness.

Finally, I'd like to thank anyone who has visited the old website.

It has brought me much joy designing it, and writing content for it.

Alas, for every chapter that closes, a new one opens.

This is the new chapter.