Today, I chose to finally go on a journey I've been planning to go on for a while.

I'd like to talk about two songs in the rhythm game Cytus 2.

In the game, there's two particular songs remixed by KIVΛ. (Twitter, SoundCloud)

The first, is Starlight by 3R2. (Website, Twitter, Bandcamp)

If you were to look up Starlight 3R2 on Google, you'd be presented with... KIVΛ's remix.

The second is Celestial Sounds by 3R2.

So, if you were to look up Celestial Sounds 3R2 on Google, you'd once again get KIVA's remix.

Not the original track, KIVΛ's remix.

Now, don't get me wrong here. KIVΛ makes amazing music. This track is certainly no exception.

The only issue is, no matter where you search, be it Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, or even 3R2's website; you simply can't easily find the original.

I tasked myself with finding the originals to both of these tracks.


3R2 was part of a record label called "Prismatic Music". The label operated from 2011 to 2014.

After browsing their albums on Discogs, I found the album "Prismatic Music Vol.1".

This album conained none other than "Starlight" by 3R2. No (KIVΛ Remix) suffix. Just "Starlight".

So, now I know the album. Then what?

I started searching for a website where I might have a chance at listening to the album.

After about 20 minutes of non-stop browsing the web, I found nearly nothing.

So, I resorted to asking the Official Cytus Discord server.

Since "Prismatic Music Vol.1" was a Taiwanese release, I didn't have a lot of luck asking the folk in the normal channels.

I was eventually redirected to the Asian channels. After struggling with the language barrier, one of the people there told me they owned a website that had albums by tons of Asian record labels.

It simply served a huge folder with the following file structure:

|- [Label]
   |- [Album]
      |- [song.ogg]
      |- [song.ogg]
      |- [song.ogg]

In there, was indeed a folder called Prismatic Music, inside being a folder called Prismatic Music Vol.1.

What did I find in there? 06. 3R2 - Starlight.ogg.

That concluded my first mission. I found the original to Starlight. You can find it here.

Celestial Sounds

For this track, I did the exact same as for Starlight; I tried looking for the song on the Prismatic Music label.

Sadly, with no luck this time around.

So, I tried looking up information about the track. Just simple trivia or data.

Doing so, I found a Korean website called that has info on Celestial Sounds right here.

Using Translate, I figured out that in the first header, it says:

This track is on the collection album "再生 Regeneration",
produced by big DTM-composers and illustrators that lived in Taiwan.

Luckily, the link to the album was still functional.

Sadly, the website didn't give me much other than a 15 second preview of the song.

So, I started searching for a place where I could listen to the album.

Eventually, after a long, long while, I found a playlist on BiliBili containing the long-lost original version of Celestial Sounds.

And with that, my journey has concluded.

It seems that even though tracks can be good- they can still be buried by a remix.

But, like everything on the internet: if it ever existed, it's still findable. It might not be easy, but it's possible.

Well, you've made it to the end of the post. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope to see you again soon.