Tonight is a quiet night. I'm seated behind my desk, idling.
Wondering about what to do.
As I'm writing this, I'm listening to a compilation of dreamy Super Mario Galaxy music.

There's so much I could be working on.
I could be working on porting TravBot's commands to TravBot-v3.
I could be working on Lexi's Website.
I could start a new project, although I'd have no idea what.

You see, in these times, it's really difficult to come up with things to do.
There's certain projects that I've worked on in the past, which I could be working on right now.
They just feel like such repetetive tasks, that I can't bring myself to actually do them.

Earlier in the holiday, I was actually motivated to work.
I was motivated in the sense of "Wow! I have 6 weeks to do whatever I want!".
In the last two weeks, this mentality has faded completely.
It's very difficult to get myself to work on projects. Even the ones I am passionate about.

Hopefully my mentality to work will return at the end of the week.
By then, we have to go back to school. I'm assuming that'll fix things.
I need some proper human contact.


Besides the slacking off that I've been doing, I have been doing some work on a couple of projects.

For example, I've finally started working properly on TravBot-v3.
Since WatDuhHekBro finished the structure a couple of weeks ago, I've been porting commands from the old TravBot.

I've also made a simple autoreply script for Discord that allows you to, well, automatically reply to incoming messages if you are unavailable.
It's available here, instructions are in the README.

That's... about all I have to share.
I hope I'll have more to tell you next time.

Thank you for reading.