All I can say about the statement "Life is very long" is... "Indeed."

Perhaps, sometimes, even too long.

Though, perspectives of the length of life change every day, ironically enough.
Sometimes the days don't seem to pass whatsoever and it feels like things will never continue on from the current status quo, and sometimes it feels like we don't have enough time to do the things we truly want to.

Yet, I seem to get stuck, more than anything.
How do you exit a place you cannot exit?
Are you destined to be stuck until the end of time, or are there exploitable loopholes? Ways to bypass your so called "destiny"?

It's disappointing to find out that, most of the time, there are none.
You'll be perpetually stuck in that situation until a third party pulls you out.
But what if that third party never shows? What if they stay in the shadows of obscurity, never to be found?
That is what I call a disaster.

What if so called disaster lasts longer than you ever imagined it to? A simplistic disaster that amalgamates into a black void of pure despair that you simply can't escape, forever being stuck in its overarching reach?
For that, I have no name. There are few things I cannot name, yet this is one of them. I cannot possibly imagine a way to describe this empty space.
All I know is that I am stuck in it. I see no way out. There's nothing like a door, or a ladder, or whatever you can come up with to get out of an environment.
There is nothing. Just me and my infinite thoughts of despair.

As I wander around, I try to stay positive.
"I can get out of this."
"I found my way in, so there must be a way out."
"I may be at fault, but mistakes are to be corrected."

These positive thoughts have done nothing but fail me. They're disappointments on a larger scale than possibly imaginable.
Not only are they extremely disappointing, but also demoralising.
Per failure of a positive thought, I receive a thought of insanity in return.

Perhaps there is simply no way out. My aforementioned destiny might just lie right here.
This is my status quo. This is where I'm meant to be.
This is... the end.
"I Am End."